You are already in the middle of the first month of the New Year, a year that will take you through a lot of testing, discipline and endurance.

A year if you tune in to the Universe will guide you to a New Consciousness in Unity with the Universe.

A year filled with possibilities to find yourself in the middle of all the noise that overwhelms you.

Where to begin?

You begin with meditation a meditation where you let it all go and just in the emptiness of your mind listen to the voices in silence. Those are guidance coming from your heart.

You are in a school for transformation of many layers, peel them one by one and suddenly you will come to the core of yourself. 

The clutter that stops you from seeing clearly the picture of who you are will prevail.

The New Consciousness will step in and you will be the co-creator of the New World,The Golden Age as it sometimes is referred to.

Follow it open up your mind without any fear, knowing you are not alone and you will be surprised to see different angles to the picture you thought was for real.

You expand yourself into a higher realm a higher understanding of the vastness of the Cosmic Universe.

It will give you strength to pursue what your heart is telling you and in full faith go for it.

Take down the light, embrace your loved ones in light and know that God’ s light never fails.

We are here to make a transition to a New World, let’s all work on it so the beauty and the balance can return to Planet Earth with an understanding and respect for each other ‘s believes.

Keep your faith and you can make it.

I AM Hermes Trismegistus

Note: The name Trismegistus means Thrice Great it applies to his role as philosopher, priest and King – he is also known as the God Mercury.