It is the first time I enter the Web Site Universal-Light with my thoughts as how I see Planet Earth right now. I have done several dictations through messengers to share with you the view as to how I see the World enfolding in front of your eyes.

The picture has been changing rapidly throughout the last couple of years and created a lot of confusion for you all.

What to believe and how to maneuver through the rapid changes?

As I see it there is only one thing you can do in a system far too powerful to change right now and that is to nurture yourself. Stay in as great surroundings you can find to keep strong to stay true to yourselves and your path you were sent down to walk.

It might sound selfish but it is not.

You are down on Earth to stay strong and weather this through till your voices can be heard clearly again.

Your voices and your light is what is going to save this Planet and keep its freedom.

Don’t let go and surrender to those forces who are ruling the world right now, those will not sustain.

If you play your cards well you will sustain and you will lead the beautiful Mother Earth back into harmony there once was – by taking care of her worship her and remove those who abuses her.

Show your love and compassion for her and she will heal together with you, and bring you back into an inner balance that the Buddhas know so well.

You will feel an oppression being put upon you. There are strong forces who wants to take your freedom and free will away from you so they can dictate you to submit to their rules.

Don’t let that happen. If you stay strong together they will not succeed. You will.

Keep your faith in God – in yourselves and call for the Ascended Masters who will hear your calls and help you stay strong.

Saint Germain gave you your free will and is a big protector of freedom. Join him and use the Violet Flame that he has helped being released to you all. Call upon it to help you clean up your 4 lower bodies so you can make it into a higher vibration with the Universe and save Planet Earth from its darkness.

I AM Mother Omega,
who follow you all.