The Planet Earth has gone through a lot during thousands of years, but it is many thousand years ago it was in as bad a situation as it is today.

Unfortunately, people don’t study history, so they blind folded repeat it over and over again.

History is to show people that there is something to learn to avoid the same catastrophe after the other.

Many are just saying sitting back “oh ja, it was like the fall of the Roman Empire” and kind of “what do we care.”

Not many even know about the sinking Lemuria—sinking of Atlantis or Noah’s time. 

All happening due to misuse and misbehavior of the human beings.

Oh well, it is coming back to hit you again and only few of you seem prepared for it.

If you at all are interested in surviving through the time ahead of you, you have to let your voice be heard and not let the few leaders in the world destroy Mother Earth the way they are doing it.

Life has become too convenient for many of you that it is all taken for granted. So when reality is standing in your door you don’t know how to handle it.

Everything has been delivered to many of you on a Silver Plate taken for granted with the words “we deserve it” Do you? Isn’t it your forefathers who did the hard life to make it easier for you?

There is a boomerang to everything—this one is not coming to meet your requirements to get what you believe you are entitled to, because you used it all.

Mother Earth is tired and she is going to give you the boomerang for abusing her.

You have dried her up for clean water—for a good soil—for many of her resources—for Natures beautiful sacred places, that would help clean the air and balance life on Earth.

You have disregarded it all in your Ego powers that you deserve it all and given over the power to minority of Evil powers. 

It is no longer ruled by the people and for the people as your forefathers set it up in the constitution.

Study the history and find your way to a solution as how you are going to survive.