In this time it is more important than ever to understand what it means to be all One. 

It is not about being one with everybody you meet or surround yourself with, but we are all One with the Universal source. We are all One with the energy sources given to us all, we just use it differently, all depending upon where each of us are on the ladder to Heaven.

We are all One

by By Lord Jesus together with Kuthumi

Each step on the ladder is an initiation that we all go through but in a different pace.

Some are very focused on getting through those tests of initiations of the 33 steps, others aren’t even aware they exist.

We all have the same opportunities if we live up to them.

By working with ourselves and purifying the four lower bodies, we can manifest whatever we want.

That’s why if we all help each other and take our lives in our own hands with responsibility and respect for each elemental, we have a great chance to turn this Planet Earth back into a healthy place for all.

Let’s together clean up our waters and our soil and be conscious about the garbage we are giving Mother Earth to swallow. It is our responsibility and not Mother Earth.

I AM Lord Jesus 
The World Teacher
Together with Kuthumi