It has come to my knowledge that many of the great Ascended Masters have tried to guide and to warn you as to what is standing in front of you.

Not many seems to take those warnings seriously or do something about it to protect themselves.

What is happening right now on Planet Earth is overwhelming to most people so they close their eyes and become ignorant—the worst that can happen in humanity.

Most are following the News and Social Medias as sheep unaware of the actual truth.

You are running out of water in many places and yet you consume unnecessary tons of waters as if there is no tomorrow.

By doing that—you are right—there might not be any tomorrow.

Electricity will be going too and with that a lot of the News and Social Media, which might be positive for you because that might force you all to start think independently, how to solve the situation, instead of being guided by fake manipulating News.

Water is one thing—there are hundreds of other things that can take down your lives on a beautiful Planet.

Everything in life has a price—a price you might be forced to pay.

So start with yourself, live in preservation of what is left for Mother Earth to give. Nurture and treat it with respect and gratitude in every little detail.

Clean up your daily actions, change what you see can be changed.

Everything counts.

Teach your children the same and stop all the unnecessary consummation.

Live a simple life in harmony with Nature.