When the world has been cleaned up for all its mess that has been created for the last many years, I hope you are ready to go forward with us Ascended Masters to recreate a world worth living in for all.

Be our co-creators with all your light and let it shine with God’s light that never fails.

We need new educations with basic values like integrity, respect and compassion. Not only for children, but also in the system of the ruling government.

There has to be equality and justice. 

A society where everybody contributes to heal and respect Mother Earth.

A New World with less consuming, so everything can come back in balance.

A world where there is an understanding for everything that God created with Mother Earth.

This demands, however, that each of you clarify what can you help with to make this happen.

First it needs that each of you clean up your lower bodies for all your fear, anxiety, and greed.

Learn to take control over yourself, so you in peace can rise to a higher vibration and tune

In with your own heart.

Let your light shine and share it with your surroundings to push back all dark energies –

swallow them and exchange them with light.

Create small communities, where everybody pays their share and where justice is ruling by helping each other.

Get together and share your positive stories to contradict all the negative energies that are floating around you and not even being for real, but often make you go into despair.

Look and preserve the beauty around you even if it is just a single flower. 

Connect with Nature and let Nature help you. Nature is your biggest healer in a world filled with chaos. It will show you the way to inner peace and joy, if you are open to listen and to connect.