This is to show you a picture of what you are standing in and might occur in front of you during this and the few coming years.

The Planet Earth has been depleted for many of the good energies throughout several years now. The inequality among human people have escalated due to greed and selfishness. 

On top of that younger people earn their income through technology without producing anything, which has left reality out of their minds, with no care for others no compassion but all based upon money and fame.

Integrity and dignity with respect for ones neighbors and for Mother Earth have been depleted. 

If we are to keep the light and survival on Planet Earth we all have to take the spoon in the other hand and start change the behaviors and values in our world.

The values of integrity, respect, and compassion have to be brought back in a bigger scale today, in order for us all to get Planet Earth into a balance.

So wake up, look around – beyond your own part of the world. Look at a bigger picture and use your common sense, listen to your own heart and search through and beyond all the lies and fake information you are daily presented with.

Open your minds NOW! Or it might be too late for you to continue a life in a pleasant way, 

There is a price to be paid for all the abuse and selfishness that the world has gone through the last several years, better be prepared and do what you can to stop this right now.

Bring back equality and compassion with a behavior of ethics, so we all can save this world in freedom.

Lots of evil forces are surrounding you don’t let it take control over you.

Stand up for the freedom and your free will that your forefathers fought for or you will lose your freedom, the values, the beauty and the love.

Follow your hearts in every step you take and that will show you the way.


Note:  this was dictated on 2-22-2022 – (I am told it will take 400 years before this will be repeated – let’s hope we in 4 years have a better society on Planet Earth)