It has been several years now that I last talked with you on Planet Earth. Throughout that time, I have followed what has happened on Earth and what you all have gone through.

It has not been an easy time for many of you, you have been affected with a lot of unpleasant energies and influences. 

You have been isolated with the virus that has made you get entertained even more with TV and mass medias with all its bad as well as good energies – if you were censuring what to see.

You are in a time of insecurity as to what will tomorrow bring you and that has led to a lot of anxiety and for several despair.

That said you need the light bearers who are doing what they can to hold the torch through this darkness that has swept in over Mother Earth.

Find each other who can hold the torch and its flame burning and stand strong. 

Many are coming out with the truth as to the situation you are facing – speak your mind – speak the truth as your hearts are telling you – don’t be afraid of speaking up – it is the only way you can awake others to take the right path  in this chaos.

We need all the help we can get in order to be capable to be of help to you and to save the Mother Earth. 

You have to show the truth and the light to those who have gone on the wrong path in this darkness. Many seems blind folded and are working out of fear an unjust.

You who have the courage and the light you – come forward and support each other.

It is a great time in which the Planet Earth is moving to a higher vibration in the Universe and give you all a possibility to raise your consciousness.

Humanity must get out of their power control. It is time for humanity to come to the conclusion that you are all One – with One humanity – and to collaborate and respect each your differences otherwise you risk that Planet Earth will go total dark again or even worse become extinct from any life on Earth.

You must come back to basic values – that through all this power control and concentration on only the intelligence and not on the heart has led humanity into the wrong direction.

The time is now – tomorrow might be even too late.


I AM Mother Omega

And I love the Mother Earth as much as 

You do please Wake Up and take care of her.