Chanting has a big healing effect on your minds in a busy time you are living.

If you can train your brain to chant throughout the day on a few word mantra, you will realize how calm and centered you will become.

The world needs strength and courage of you all but also a centered mind from where joy and harmony will spread to your surroundings.

What you learn to repeat in your mind manifest itself throughout your body and release the blocked energies. 

The moment you sit down and practice the mantra your energies become vitalized.

The world needs a lot of those cleaning waves from every individual to be able to release the debris.

The world needs kindness and care for each other and for Mother Earth and its beautiful Nature.

You are all just passing through so it is important you leave a beautiful input that next generation can pick up and continue honor with respect.

For that to happen you have to live with the basic values of compassion and clean up all the negative components.

Meditation with a chanting can help you.

Find a group of friends who will join you in chanting and with whom you can practice the Buddha way with its joy and happiness.

Doing that you give Planet Earth a chance to clean up with you and get it all back into balance.


Note about Green Tara – she is a beloved Female Buddha who stands for compassion and wisdom. She surrounds herself with 21 female Buddhas.

Here mantra is:

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha