Planet Earth has been moving and been repositioned in the Universe.

The effect on the Earth is tremendous.  The vibration stronger than ever before.

So for the Human Race to survive on Earth they need to enter a transition into higher vibrations and higher consciousness in order to be able to stay on Earth.

Right now you all see a tumult in redesigning the Earth, but that is only a small part of what this means to Mother Earth herself. That’s why it is of huge importance that the steps that needs to be taken has to be the right ones otherwise humanity risk losing their Planet.

That will have a devasting effect for the Universe for which reason strong forces from the Universe have to step in and be involved in the redesigning of Earth.

Huge changes will have to happen, but not the changes your leaders are telling you, because they will destroy Planet Earth, but changes where people can walk hand in hand with Nature and its laws done with respect.

The dark energies will have to shift with light.

The artificial forces that the human race is developing right now will be a tool that will take the Earth down and if you don’t stop it, it might take over Planet Earth. Should that happen humanity on Earth will go down and become extinct.

You have been given many tools to avoid this disaster you are walking into but you ignored the warnings given to you for many years, Like using the Violet flame—stopping the Artificial creations—work with yourselves to meet and adapt to the New Consciousness, but too few of you have listened or done anything.

The price to be paid is high so be prepared and those of you who sees it clearly walk your path with strength and inner calmness and you will get through. 


  Thank you for listening.