It seems a lot of misleading guidance are being delivered to you all through Social Media and the News.

That leads to confusion, anxiety, and insecurity!

What to do about it?


As we see it, it is all done by purpose, because the mixed guidance that is being presented to you and its confusion as to what to believe or not to believe makes it easier for the rulers to control you and thereby being easier for them to rule in the manner they want.

Even truth is being disguised, so the real truth scares you and you deny it to be the truth.

The world right now is going in the opposite direction of freedom and free thinking. Free speech is no longer acceptable and is even taken down on private social communications.

You have to find another way to stay in contact with the light bearers meet with each other talk with each other to support each other to keep your strength up against this totalitarian system of controlling you all.

Create each your small groups and communities so you can walk your path and use your talents freely among each other.

Don’t get into despair or anxiety it is all temporary while the New Consciousness and higher vibration will enter the humanity and get the light through to many more.

Even if the truth is not heard keep standing by the truth, because only truth and love are the winners.

So keep on walking in truth and walk as you talk and the truth will get through the cracks and make a difference.

Teach children to always say the truth so they can learn to stand strong in our New World.

We need them to rebuild Planet Earth with the truth and respect.

I AM Pallas Athena

Note: Pallas Athena is the Goddess of Truth.