With Planet Earth you are in for a strong testing, please keep your head over water.

The next few years Planet Earth with its humanity is in for a huge test. Whether to save the Planet or to let it go extinct.

It all depends upon all of you and you have little time left to decide the directions you will take in all of this.

Don’t let the evil forces run away with it.

Speak your minds.

Don’t just in silence accept what is put over your heads and continue your comfortable lives. Because the comfortable lives you are living today might not be there tomorrow.

Sit in silence with yourselves and listen to your heart and listen to us Ascended Masters, who have gone through it all

Listen go with your guts because if you don’t there won’t be a comfortable life for your children.

There are moments in our lives when we have to make a stand, how painful it might be or there will be no tomorrow.

Lift the spirits around you into strength and courage and just be—show the world around you that if you all together stand strong the beauty and the righteous will come through.

Educate each other so more can wake up and see the truth.

It is not easy I know that but if there is a price to be paid better pay it now than regret later on you didn’t do any efforts but just followed the flow dictated by evil rulers.

In their lives, point of views, and chess games, you are nothing but just another chess piece.

Please don’t believe them, they say anything—promise everything if you just follow their scheme.

Right now Planet Earth are having dangerous pockets, where they play their games.

Look out be aware stay true to yourselves and stay strong.

We are all with you—you are not alone and we love you all.



Caring a love for you all.

Note: Lord Jesus together with Kuthumi  are the ones who carry the title of being our World Teachers.