We are all in the Universe in a transition right now. The shaking and tumult that it brings has an effect on all of us.

The more tuned in you are and the more you have cleared yourself for those negative vibrations you retain the easier the transition will become.


It needs an inner work for all of you a confrontation as to who you are and what the heart is telling you to do.

Our voices are loud, but it doesn’t seem that the majority of you hear the voices, or maybe out of fear and ignorance disregard them.

There is no easy cut to be made.

Find daily peaceful moments where you concentrate and listen to your heart.

Who are you? What is your goal you would like to manifest in your life to be able to continue staying on Planet Earth.

Mother Earth needs peace, but it depends upon your thoughts and actions as to whether she will get it.

It is all in your hands to make this shift while Planet Earth moves up into a higher dimension.

The time where greed and indulging have been the leading aspect in your lives is over.

Understanding and compassion should be the main focus for you to rise to a higher awareness.

Get control over your thoughts and listen to your heart in meditation and it will show you the way.

Lift yourselves out of the past and walk towards a new future.