The New Consciousness is standing in the door, if you are ready to let go of the old and higher your vibration concurrently with the spinning world.

It is imperative that you work on the higher frequency so you can hold on while it is spinning.


Do your calls do your prayers do your meditation and connect with the higher. Call upon God become One with him.

Turn your back and attention to all the lies they fill you with daily, only the truth will take you to the New Consciousness.

Work for the virtues of the Golden Age we had on Lemuria before people took it down by following the dark forces.

Let’s together create this Shambala we once had where everybody were treated with harmony and love.

We are standing on a turning point, if we don’t make it Planet Earth will go back into its darkness as it was when Sanat Kumara came down from Venus to spread his light over the Earth.

Work together forget the “fight” between one Spiritual group to the other – there is lots of space for the light bearers to grow and to share each their talents or experiences. Listen to them all and grow with what you learn. I am sure each of you have a gold piece in your mouth worth learning about.

There is no time for jalousie or big egos – the time has passed by do the best you can do every day – Show love with God – show compassion to your like minded friends, who goes for the truth and deny to accept the lies.

                                             I AM El Morya  with love for you all.