Underneath our society there is a deep wisdom as a well – so deep – that it is difficult for people to pick up its message.

In the daily busy routine that you are living on Earth today it seems impossible to even get time to live the wonderful life you have been sent   down to live.

There is hardly a moment to reflect on your inner you and to stop and listen to your heart.

And even if you give yourself that moment it is over shadowed right after with either duties to survive or entertainment through often false or bad news and you are back as to where you started. 

Clogged from the true you and from the wisdom you experienced eons ago in previous lives.

It is a merry go around and you never take yourselves out and say enough is enough – what is life all about?

So few of you even know to live your lives –     a lot of talk and writing is being done about death and what is after death? 

What about looking upon your lives first – find your inner voice to your heart and wisdom you have in many values that have gone lost in a busy society filled with empty entertainment.

Where truth is overheard and neglected by power forces bigger than you seem to be able to handle.

Stop up – sit still – and just listen.

Start erasing all the programming you are going through right now.

Censor yourselves your thoughts and ask yourselves is that the true me I am hearing or is it a worldly manipulation? 

Or the manipulation you are going through is that the truth that correspond with your own heart?

Your heart knows, but it has to be purified before you can get in contact with your own heart.

It has been cluttered with all that noise you have exposed it to.

Ask for the purity and wisdom to get through and if in need to get help call upon us.



My notes: Mighty Victory is a Cosmic being from Venus