Time has changed from when I guarded the entrance to United States. A time where everybody wanting to join us went through a screening so those with  health needs got help.

Today people are flocking in over the borders and we don’t know are they bringing an illness or a danger to our society?


There is no order any longer – no rules – no justice everything is floating freely with not even any responsibilities or consequences.

But we are not the only country to face that people are wandering from country to country hoping for a better world and security.

Chaos has been created – people get uprooted and spread all over.

Are they running for an illusion? That when they wake up they face the same situation as the one they left? Or do they find the Heavenly shelter they were dreaming about? Do they find themselves in a better situation?

Wouldn’t it be better if those who are sitting with the wealth would share and send help and work with people in need where they live? Help them to stay strong and get through the hurtles and help each other?

Isn’t it all about survival and greed instead of sharing?

Isn’t it about to cultivate the land they live in and share the harvest with each other? Build small communities together and work and share?

It might ask for hard work even with risk for their lives.

The other country might also need a sharing community as the world is evolving right now.

We all have a responsibility to fulfill – we each have our path to walk on Planet Earth, and we can’t run from it.

A new settlement a new country away from ones roots might not be the right solution.

The dream might show up to be an illusion and the consequences stronger to pay than foreseen.