As you are aware of you are all standing in a crisis.

A transformation not only of Planet Earth, but of each your individual lives.


It is a time for awakening, take control over your thoughts and behaviors by listening  to the voices from the Universe. It is opening your minds to a much higher vibration, so you can tune in and become the Cosmic Being you are surposed to be.

As you know the veil between Earth and Heaven has never been more thin than it is today, it is merging to lift Mother Earth to a higher dimension with the Universe, so we can help her balance back into the beauty she used to be.

Planet Earth has for at least the last 60 years been abused, she is suffering. If action is not taken to step in and help her, she might be so tired that she is no longer willing to serve with her good intentions, and supply Humanity with the richness of her resources.

There has been a none stop taken from her without any respect, Humanity has depleted her.

If this doesn’t stop – the supply of her resources including food growing will be deminshed and hunger will become another opponent that will wipe out a big part of Humanity.

It has gone too far and there will be consequences to pay in the very near future.

Plesase light bearers stay close and help each other you are all needed to bring Planet Earth through this.

Be prepared for nature catastrophes keep your head over water.

Those who are dying right now as much as you grieve, please look upon it as a blessing not for Humanity but for Mother Earth.

Everything has a price and the price for what Humanity has done to Planet Earth especially over the last sixty years is due for payment now – if this Planet Earth is going to be saved at all

Mother Earth has had enough and nobody seems to step up and stop their brutal abuse of her, so she will fight back now.

So please light bearers stand with us so after the storm that we together can heal and worship her in a balance of giving and taking, so we can live in Unity with all including not least Nature itself and all its animals before it becomes too late.

Light bearers stay strong through this let’s go through this transition as needed, so we together can create a New Consciousness that will flourish and bring harmony and beauty back to Mother Earth.


I AM Kuthumi