This is a time of the year where most of you turn to memories of the past, they might be good memories they might be painful memories.

It is the darkest time on Earth where very little light comes through, but all the candles you light give comfort in the darkness. 


Put candles in your windows to give light to the world outside your home and they will shine far away. 

The tree you celebrate gives its energies to help you lift your spirit into a beautiful celebration.

Now it is also a very sensitive time many will leave their bodies to give birth to the next souls waiting to come down on Earth.

It is an ending with a new beginning. It is a time of silence in which you will find the answer to the new beginning.

Please focus on our children of God, give them love, peace and understanding as to who they are and what they are coming down to share with the world. 

They are our hope for a better world and they know how. Please listen to them, support them and give them freedom to be who they are, but guided by you with basic values that they have to respect in whatever move they take. Please don’t let them to themselves with the technology in their hands to be their guidance.

Talk with your children, listen to them and guide them. Help them when they lose it  – you are their protectors and guidance for a better behavior in the systems they are surrounded in. 

Teach them how to think, so they can make the right decisions. They are our teachers and hope for a better world with respect for others and for our beautiful Mother Earth, teach them how to help her.

Tell them to call upon me when in doubt or in need of help, I am here for them.



Who is sending my love to you all!