Earth has gone through many circles in history some of them created beautiful Art and Architecture that we today enjoy.

Having preserved some of it through out decades, we still have the pleasure to see and learn from it.

It presents us with the best education we can learn from and on top the wisdom that often was embedded in its creations. 

Unfortunately, it seems that only few in the humanity appreciate its beauty and its message.

We destroy a lot of it, believing our New Creations are better without any understanding or respect for the high-quality creations that men have with hard work created for us all to enjoy and to teach us.

New doesn’t mean better or more appealing to the eye.

Without understanding and respect for what our forefathers created, we ruin it.

But that is not the only thing that is being ruined on Planet Earth. Even the Sacred beauty of the Nature itself is being destroyed in greed and power.

Please help our Planet Earth and its Global world to protect the beauty that is left.

Let’s learn from the messages our Ancestors created and left for us to enjoy, and from there grow into more beauty more wisdom about the values that lift our spirits, hearts and minds.

It is time we stop the destructive, evil powers that seem to rule the world.

Lift the consciousness to a higher level with understanding for what treasures have been given us and respect the hardship our forefathers with the artists and architects went through for us to enjoy.

Help us preserve the beauty we have left on Planet Earth.

Protect it.