The Ascended Masters

The Ascended Masters are our elder brothers and sisters. Many are familiar to us, having walked among us through the ages. They teach us and reveal to us the next step of our spiritual evolution.
Having walked where we walk, the masters are great teachers. They are teachers but also students, they are students of other masters. The path of students continues in the Heaven-world and is a model for the student-teacher relationships on earth. When we come into the knowledge of the Ascended Masters, we come into an awareness of defining our Path.
The Ascended Masters present a path and a teaching, whereby every individual on earth can find his or her way back home.  This journey will bring hope, and enrich your life.

HERMES TRISMEGISTUS – God of Mercury – he walked the earth for tens of thousands of years.

He is identified as the Greek God Hermes, The Roman God Mercury and the Egyptian Throth, the God of wisdom. He was the Egypt King Ramses III. He is referred to as the father of the science alchemy Great Master of Ancient Egypt “The Master of the Masters.”. He was among others Saint Germain’s teacher.

“What is below is like that which is above. And which is above is like that which is below.”  (The Emerald Tablet).

EL MORYA – The Chohan of the first ray – chief of Darjeeling Council of the Great White Brotherhood. He stands for God’s will. He has had many embodiments on Planet Earth. To mention some: He was Abraham, Melchior one of three wise kings, King Arthur, Thomas Beckett, Thomas More the Lord Chancellor of England, Akbar the Great founder of the Mogul empire in India and the greatest of the rulers, his last embodiment was a Rajput Prince.

Together with Kuthumi and Saint Germain he founded the Theosophical society. He is know together with Kuthumi as the Mahatma Brothers. He ascended in 1898. 

SAINT GERMAIN – Chohan of the seventh ray – he is the hierarch of the Aquarian age – he is the great sponsor of the Freedom’s flame – the violet ray of freedom – a new life wave, a new civilization, a new energy. Over fifty thousand years ago he was the ruler of the golden age civilization where the Sahara Desert is now. He was on Lemuria and Atlantis.

He was Saint Joseph the father of Jesus and husband of Mother Mary. He was embodied as Merlin, alchemist and prophet at the court of King Arthur. He was Roger Bacon and considered a forerunner of modern science and modern technology. He was Christopher Columbus. He was Francis Bacon who was called the greatest mind the West ever produced. He returned to Earth as Le Comte de Saint Germain.

May 1st 1954 Saint Germain received from Sanat Kumara the scepter of power and from Jesus the crown of authority to direct the consciousness of mankind for this two thousand years. 

KUTHUMI – Serves with Jesus in the office of World Teacher. And he is Master Psychologist. He was Pharaoh Thurmose III. He was the Greek philosopher Pythagoras he influenced Plato, Aristotle. He was Balthazar one of the three wise kings. He was St. Francis of Assisi.

As Shah Jaha Mohgul Emperor in India and grandson to Akbar, he had Taj Mahal build as a tomb for his beloved wife. In his final embodiment he is known as Mahatma Kuthumi a Punjabi who attended Oxford University in 1850. With El Morya he founded the Theosophical Society through Helena Blavatsky. Kuthumi gives an important key to the spiritual path in his teachings.