You are living in a world that needs to be purified as never before. 

Most of you have lost connection with God.

Chaos with hatred has been build up in many of you. It is time to stop and start working on your purification—of your heart, your mind and thoughts.

Let go of your selfishness that many of you are holding on to in fear for tomorrow.

If your mind concentrated on pure good intentions the world will shift and you will be able to keep Mother Earth her beauty and her abundance of resources.

Do your meditation do your prayers work with yourselves and dissolve your  anger, hatred, jalousie and greed, all that haunt yourself and hurt Planet Earth.

Take control over your consummation, remember to share with others.

Be thoughtful every time Mother Earth is producing her generous gifts for you to enjoy.

Don’t take them for granted, because she is getting tired of being abused.

Treat her with kindness. She loves you all but you have to care more for her.

Soon you have emptied her for water—what then?

If you don’t know how to purify yourself then please contact me or look into the many decrees I have written about Purification.

It is imperative that you help purifying Planet Earth daily and not just fill her with garbage or taking of her resources more than you even consume.

Be gentle with everything and be aware of your daily behavior and routine.

Let’s protect, help and care for our beautiful Mother Earth. Tread lightly upon her and know a generation is coming after you when you are gone.