Right now you feel a lot of tumult on Earth. 

The whole Universe is in transition and that effect Planet Earth.

The stars are realigning which will make a positive effect for the whole Universe.

But in order for Planet Earth to get into this alignment for the humanity, you people have to wake up and take control over yourselves.

This is going to be the ending of you coming down life time after life time to repeat your bad behaviors with a karma you haven’t cleaned up.

There is no more mercy from the Universe and you who can’t lift yourselves into a higher consciousness will be taken out of the Earth.

Mother Earth has gotten enough and being the time for the Mother to reign Planet Earth you will have to change your behaviors and show respect to family lives and nature – or you won’t be able to keep the light and the freedom on Planet Earth. 

Lots of changes will take place and if you can’t follow it, it will be time for you to leave.

This time there will be no Mercy given.

Look yourselves in the mirror clean up your karma and your 4 lower bodies and take your lives in your own hands.

Connect with God and ask for his help to show you the way.

We can’t step in to help nor to guide you, till you get your karma cleaned up.

There will be no return to Earth unless you have taken responsibility over your own life with inner peace and care for Mother Earth.