I am coming to tell you to stand strong.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that people can build the bridges of peace that we all have hoped for, but the division between people throughout the world seems to escalate more and more.

The leaders have to change their behaviors and sit at the table with open minds to solve all their different issues.

That has been shown before to be possible to achieve.

The power egos have grown out of proportion and the people are suffering.

The emigration of all those people wandering from country to country hoping for a better life, doesn’t solve the world’s problem. We have each our “garden” to cultivate.

And together solve the issues that we all by our thoughts have created.

Even Mother Earth is suffering.

There are still space and possibilities for all on Earth.

But you have to change the thoughts you are sending out into the world and help each other from your hearts.


I AM Cyclopea

Cyclopea is the Elohim of Vision.