You are all in for a change on Planet Earth and you all feel it coming.

Stay strong in the center of the “Hurricane” and you will come out seeing a dramatic change on Earth.

Keep your faith and hope high and you will make it through.

A lot has to be cleaned up on Planet Earth in order to make the changes that are necessary for a future in higher consciousness and awareness.

Each of you make a difference.

Please continue to go within yourselves to break through the programming and manipulation you have faced for so long.

Be prepared for worst scenarios than those you are seeing today.

Just stand still and observe it passing through.

Planet Earth have been through many circles. This time everything feels overwhelming because of the technology world that speeds it up.

Go within yourselves and find your peace then nothing can harm you.

And remember there is always one out there that needs your help  – or you need to connect and share with.

Find those people and start sharing with each other so you never feel lost or feel alone.

Celebrate the good virtues together. Lead your children into the values that matter and let the rest go.

The challenge is big but you can handle it – that’s why you have been chosen to be down on Earth in this changing times.

It takes courage but you have it.

Let your intuition and common sense guide you through by listening to your heart.