The world is in a bad place right now.

In order for you all to go through this tornado there is waiting in front of you, you will have o get into your inner core and stay focused on holding the balance within yourselves and let the tornado pass by.

Stay calm and centered and you will make it.

It will be very difficult to go through the storm if you let yourself into any form of panic.

Your heads have to stay clear and focused.

It won’t be easy because we are all effected by bad and destructive energies.

Stay close to your loved ones and help each other. This is a huge test for humanity, while you are all lifted into a New Consciousness and higher vibration at the same time.

Work with yourselves clear all dark energies out.

Ask for God’s light that never fails.

Protect yourselves from any negative news being filled with confusion what to believe?

Believe in yourselves your own intuition and common sense.

The world with its humanity has gone out of alignment.

Your thoughts and activity that complies with the manipulating news – all push it into a worse situation.

There is still time to make it right but it all depends upon each of your thoughts and actions.

Everyone can make a difference let it be one of you or better all of you.