The world has been split up in hatred more than ever before.

The Oneness and the thoughts about Uniting has left the goal.

The powers are playing out their own egos without listening to the echo they are sending out to the world.


No-one is taking responsibility for the consequences—nobody seems to listen to the echo.

History just continues to repeat itself.

It is time to stop this hatred and to find a way to work together and to elevate to a higher consciousness or Planet Earth will reenter its total darkness that will last for thousands of years.

We know it is difficult to get through with the values that got lost in a global system, but it can be done if you are willing to work with your inner you and delete the darkness that you have been disposed to.

You have to deprogramming yourselves—purify your heart so you can hear it.

It can be achieved in many ways, but it has to be worked at in order to save not only yourselves but the World.

Many of the light bearer fighters have been taken over by dark energies not being aware of the daily manipulation.

Children are being exposed to all this hatred and chaos and if parents and schools are not aware and protect the children we will have another generation that is just carrying on the dark manipulating energies.

And what then?

Planet Earth has to deal with another generation representing the same mess? 

It is time to stop and to lead your children away from the dark manipulations and into light.

Protect them show them the way into faith, beauty and harmony –show them the values—give them a tool to work with, where love for each other is the most important tool of them all.



  With love for you all!

Padma Sambhava is the founder of the Tibetan  Buddism.