How to walk into the New World in front of you? 

And what it takes.

Discipline is the word.

Listening is another word.

Working on finding and walking the path you came down to walk.

This demands a higher consciousness which is at your door.

But you have to open the door and the New World will be revealed to you.

Don’t be afraid walk through the door and do the work you are supposed to do.

Not only for yourself but for the New Community at a higher elevation, where consciousness in unity with the Cosmic World merge.

A world in harmony where suffering will disappear.

A world build upon equality. 

Where bridges between cultures will merge in understanding.

Where a higher education of heart and mind will go hand in hand.

We are all one with God and the Universe, but we must do our diligent work to deserve it by listening and open our minds and hearts to the teaching you will be acquainted with.

A lot of the basic values have gone lost in all the destruction that you have caused Planet Earth.

It must be revived, and it will.

The New World or the Golden Age that so many have talked about is coming closer.

Prepare yourselves to be able to let go of the past, live in the moment and embrace the new that will lift you into a higher dimension where you will be able to encounter a much bigger perspective in the Cosmic World.

Work with yourself – detach yourself from all the manipulation you are living in right now.

Surrender and let God show you the way.

Any questions ask us Ascended Masters and we shall try to help you find your path.