The New Year is going to be a tough year on Planet Earth in its transformation for the New World to come through and be established.

A lot of fear and insecurity has to be looked upon and to be taken control of.

The leaders of the governments know this is the right moment coming forward to take control over the people and rule the way they want the future to become

You are all sitting ducks so please wake up and take your stand in this controlling of your lives. Become your own Masters and be the creators of your own world.

But to be able to do so you need to go within yourselves. Step away from the noisy world with all its lies and controlling. Sit in stillness and listen to your own inner voice, so you can stand balanced with compassion, and meet the  people in their aggressions and fears that make them out of balance in their behaviors.

You can through meditation, prayers, chanting, decrees stand centered within yourself.

Don’t engage in the daily battles they are temporary. 

A huge shift will happen on Planet Earth.

So stay strong be prepared so the transition will come ease to you all.

Stay on you path, the path you came down to do on Earth.

There is a reason for why you have been chosen to be on Earth at this life time.

You are needed to balance as much as you can by sharing your light and being centered within yourselves.

A lot of work has to be done before we are getting Mother Earth back to where she should be and used to be.

Please be cautious with all you consume and take for granted delivered by Mother Earth. You have exhausted her in your greed to get everything you desire to have without thinking of her.

Water is becoming a rare thing on Earth. Food supply will diminish.

Please teach the good old virtues to get people back to live within respect for Mother Earth. Share with each other. The abundance you have been used to, might no longer be provided to you.

Everything has been exploited to the max, and people are still doing it without taking or seeing the consequences.

There is a boomerang to everything, so be prepared and contribute with your awareness and join the changes the New Consciousness will show you.

Step in and help wherever you can and work with us to make the changes coming through in balance and harmony.

Let’s fill our hearts with compassion and love.


Note: The name Maitreya means Loving Kindness – he is the Lord of the World.

KEEP THE FAITH – By Maha Chohan

This Year demands a lot of all of you, but by keeping the faith you will make it and come through into a higher consciousness.

So keep your spirit high, protect yourselves in chosen nice surroundings that will give you joy and compassion. Seize the good memories and know this will all change into a better world with your help.

Let the light shine over you take it in and send it out.

Be aware of every step you take. Question it and ask if this is the right step to take?

In doubt ask us we are here to help and guide you.

Your success is our success all to help Mother Earth and to keep the Holy Spirit over the land.

It is time for many people to leave Planet Earth this New Year many have been here for a long time up and down on Planet Earth. For many it will be a blessing to get back home.

Please prepare for the Ascension by taking control over your four lower bodies of anger, jalousie, greed. Simplify your lives and live the good values with respect and care for Mother Earth and each other.

Send a smile of love to your surroundings.

With all my love for all of you I am wishing you as great a New Year you possibly can create.

I am here when you call to listen and to help.


          I AM MAHA CHOHAN

Note: Maha Chohan is the representative of the Holy Spirit!