Music has an enormous impact on the Human beings. It can lift the spirit to a high vibration, or it can take it down into a lower and sad vibration—all depending upon what kind of music you chose.

We are born with the sound a sound that later develops into music notes.

Our ears start hearing many different sounds and little by little as our ears develop, we hear music all depending upon the sounds we are encountered with in our surroundings.

There is music that elevate you into a higher dimension and there is music that numb your brain and take you down.

Choose wisely whenever you want to let music enter your life whether it is for a moment or for a daily stimulation.

If the music is chosen correctly, it can sweeten and expand your heart to actions you might never have thought possible for you to do.

What unite people on Earth no matter what race-color-or Nation—is music.

We can get healed through music and we can create peace through music.

Words song through music have a tendency to stay stronger and longer in people’s minds.

Play the music – sing together – lift each other into joy and peace.