The door is slowly open up to give light to a New Beginning with equality and hope for Mother Earth.

We have to stand together all of us from Kingdom of Heave to Planet Earth and make it happen.

To do so we have to ask of you all to work and clean up your four lower bodies from anger, hatred, greed, and selfishness, so you can lift to a higher dimension and bring beauty, harmony, and joy into your relationships with each other and care for Mother Earth and respect her.

We need to see much more compassion among you all, remember you are One under strong negative and powerful energies wandering throughout Planet Earth.

Stop it with your lights, let the darkness crumble under your strong lights that  you will purify more and more while taking control over your thoughts and negative behaviors.

Look around you, see the sun is still sending its ray of colors and light through even heavy clouds—reach for that—let it penetrate your soul and become one with the Cosmos Rays hitting you from high above your heads.

Greet the stars before you go to bed and thank them for the light they send down to you.

Show that you are grateful for all what Mother Earth and the Cosmic Heaven is providing for you.

Lift your consciousness into a higher dimension—expand it, and your daily life will be easier for you to deal with, when all the dark irrelevant issues are diminished.