God, the Supreme Cause.

The sages of India say that everything proceeds from and goes back into its source: God.

Meditation is the highest form of activity. But greater than activity, devotion or reason is meditation.

To meditate truly is to concentrate solely on Spirit. This is esoteric meditation. It is the highest form of activity that man can perform, and it is the most balanced way to find God.

Meditation combines and balance all these approaches like work, eat, walk, laugh, cry, meditate—only for God. That is the best way to live.

So long as you let the desires and weaknesses of the physical body control your thoughts and actions, you will not find Him. Always be master of your body.

When you sit in the church or temple, you perhaps feel a little devotion, but that is not enough. The esoteric activity of meditation is necessary if you really want to be aware of His presence.

You think you have no time for God. Suppose the Lord were too busy to look after you? What then?

Discipline your body and your mind. Control your senses.

Attaining Self-Realization through Yoga, men will come to know that they are all children of the one Father.

That unity of spirit is demonstrated in great men.

The blind cannot lead the blind. Only the one who is a master of himself—of the mind, emotions, senses, and passions. His actions, unclouded by egoistic motives are consonant with the will of God.

The practice of Yoga helps the aspirant to open the single eye of intuitive consciousness. Everyone has this sixth sense called intuition but most people do not develop it.

It is important to develop intuition, or direct soul knowledge, for he who is God-conscious is sure of himself. He knows, and he knows he knows.

Truth is a Universal Experience

You can realize these truths for yourself. Truth is truth, and it is a Universal experience.

A “salesman” should never try to sell something he does not believe in. One should teach only those things he has practiced and experienced.

Just because I eat curry and you eat apple pie, why should there be division between us?

Division is imaginary lines drawn by small minds. It is the result of superiority complexes. 

We must destroy division.

Look to the great Christ who came and stood before both East and West telling them: “Here am I in the midst of you, learn from one another, balance your spirituality and material development.”

There he stands—a Christ of East and West—linking the two hemispheres with his message of Unity!

I AM Yogananda

Yogananda founded Self-Realization Fellowship in 1920. He was quoted: “As a bright light shining in the midst of darkness, so was Yogananda’s presence in this world. Such a great soul comes on earth only rarely, when there is a real need among men.” He Ascended in 1952.

I went to his International headquarters for Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles about 4 years ago – walking in his beautiful garden admiring some flowers I suddenly heard a loud voice saying: “Why did you stop doing yoga?”

I started yoga when I was 19 years old and I was among some of the first students in Copenhagen we had only one teacher who had come back from India and learned the technic. I answered the voice and said: “I felt I needed Tai Chi more than Yoga today.” Then the voice came back and said: “Go and buy my book” so I went to the little store in the garden and bought the book “Man’s Eternal Quest” 

The world is in need of such a soul again who can bring his bright light into the darkness we are confronted with today.