Your Planet Earth is undergoing a huge transition. It will demand a lot of you all to help it to shift into another consciousness and vibration.

Your Planet Earth has been given the freedom and the tool of free will, but it doesn’t seem from far away that you are living up to it with the understanding that without love and virtues free will can’t survive.

You have been taking it for granted for a long time with no respect for the consequences it has cost Mother Earth and the Elementals who all are suffering under your unpleasant behavior.

With all your destructive weapons and human behavior you risk to destroy your most beautiful Planet. Your freedom and free will – will be extinct.

You have to change leadership on your Planet – a leadership that can show you the way how to live and respect each other without taking dominion over each your differences or you will lose the freedom and thereby the beauty of your environment.

We who are living on Venus are following every step you take again towards darkness mostly created by greed and power without giving space for every and all cultures your Planet is a mix of.

Thousands of years ago Sanat Kumara and I were called to join you to help reestablish the light on Planet Earth.

Now we realize you are close to repeat that darkness.

You all have to help each other to solve that issue and go against those who take you into that darkness.

Otherwise Planet Earth with its beauty and freedom will not survive.

Stand up with courage and help your Mother Earth again.


Good Luck to you all.