The time we face is a different time from just ten years ago.

The technology make everything go so fast that you don’t even can grasp what is going on, till you are put in front of the new rules new regulations ,and then it seems too late for even your voice to be heard.


You have to be a forerunner in order to have a chance to stop what shouldn’t become a new regulation.

You must work with your heart and draw what you want to see established in the New World and send your ideas around to your friends to start a form of a club who help each other to pursue what you see being appropriate in your community.

It is all those small communities that have to stop all the unfair rules and regulations your leaders are putting upon you.

Don’t let them take your freedom away remind everybody how the constitution was set up for your country that gave you freedom and free will. 

Are you willing to give that up?

Kindness, sharing and persistence will make you all stand strong.

Don’t give in find the loopholes and fight for your freedom as your forefathers did.

Bring forward in the open light the beauty and the harmony you want to achieve in this darkness you are facing right now.

You have to start meeting with those who shares your ideas for a better life style in equality for all, show examples as how to succeed and lead your children back into the values that makes you be a human being.

Meet and talk with each other in person share your ideas with each and manifest them. 

Let love for your New World shine through you and it will happen.



                                             I AM LORD MAITREYA