Since I started the Mystery School thousands of years ago I have followed you all. I stand for love and I am love.The humanity needs love, but so few are aware of what love really is.

You have to connect with your heart, listen to the voice from your heart, awaken it through a silent meditation.

As it so often is said the longest journey is from your mind to the heart. Through a short deep meditation you might be able to quiet down the mind and let the heart speak to you.

If you can let your heart guide you in love and courage you will not only change yourself, but you will change Planet Earth.Let the noisy busy day go to sleep within you for few minutes every day and bring forward the love in your heart that will lift you above it all.Fear, frustrations will silent down. 

If you have a difficulty in silent your mind then use the breathing technique where all you concentrate on is your breathing and it will help you.

The heart is, however, also a fragile part of you for which reason most of you cover it up to protect it. You might be hurt through an episode going through your heart so you close it and withdraw. Doing that you also miss out on a most beautiful momentum that your heart will share with you.

Should you get hurt don’t let it sit and take you down, with the courage from the heart you can face it and work it out.

There are moments in your life when the test is to go through the tunnel and go for the light far out there with confidence.  Dopne that you understand how powerful and beautiful your heart is if you nurture it daily with love.

I AM Lord Maitreya
(His name means: “Loving Kindness”)