The future lifted into a higher consciousness will change Planet Earth and its future.

That said it demands a lot of awareness from you all.

It is an inner journey in alignment with the Universe.

It is a journey that will take you to a higher consciousness, new more clear perspectives will be shown to you.

Giving you the strength and ability to live a more fulfilled life than you seem to be doing today.

The values of your heart will be the main guidance as to where you will be in the New World.

All those basic values you used to represent have left many of you on a side track as to the path you came down to walk  they evaporated.

It threw many of you off your inner peace and have taken you into fear, manipulated by the dark part on Earth.

Hold your course focus on the light every time you feel darkness surrounds you and it will omit the pressure of darkness and get you back into light.

This will also help to clean up your four lower bodies for fear, anger, jalousie, greed you name it, because what are the real values in your life on Planet Earth? Define it and keep your focus on it and seize it in your heart.

It will strengthen you to go forward in the New World with all its beauty.