As you all know you are facing a different time in front of you.

Some are telling you, you will enter into darkness again on Planet Earth.

We up here and with our sisters and brothers in the Universe are doing all we can to help Planet Earth from going total dark again.

But the darkness has accumulated more and more over the last couple of years, due to the technology everything has gone faster and out of control.

Now, however, you need to prepare yourselves for darkness sipping in at your doorstep. 

Don’t panic—deal with it in a calm centered way—you are not alone.

Don’t step into fear, because that is exactly what they are trying to aim at you, so they can win and take over.

Don’t let them take over you—show them your persistence in protecting yourselves from all their bad energies projected at you. They are not for real—you with your light are for real.

If you keep that in mind the darkness will bend, and your light will enter.

It is time for the evil forces to pay a price and they will if you just stand together.

Don’t let them dictate you against your common sense and faith in God, they will lose at the end.

 We don’t want to see Planet Earth going dark, but we need to see a much better behavior from humanity on Earth for us to step in.

Join us and  accept our helping hand by calling upon us and work hand in hand with us.

Looking forward to hearing from you—chant with us and you will be lifted out of this darkness.

                                I AM KUAN YIN