A great future is in front of you—a lot of changes – so just stay focused and do what you can during the transition.

We have to go through a tough transition before it will be great and in  balance.

But be aware and keep your faith – a better balance on Planet Earth is doomed to happen, before we all are done helping Mother Earth.

There are many good things happening, but there are still a lot of bad issues that have to be approached and changed.

There is a reason for why you are down on Earth in this extreme tumult. You have been selected to help Planet Earth, don’t go into doubt or despair it will all happen to the better.

Your consciousness will be in tune with Cosmic vibrations and a big different picture will be disclosed to you.

In the meantime stay cool and in an inner balance with your own center so nothing can throw you off course.

Follow your bliss and look for the path you came down to walk and everything will be fine.

Just be prepared Earth has to go through a huge clean up.

We are all here to help—reach out for us and we will take your hand and guide you through.

I AM Cyclopea