We are living in a world with no Justice—no common sense with hate and destruction in many people minds.

This is enevitable because it has gone too far in many ways.

Technology is being used without consequences and the wealth been divided on few hands leaving a poverty among people behind them.

Planet Earth is in for a test. The outcome none of us know.

It seems it is doomed for a destruction before it can be cleaned up.

We have been there before, but this is the worst we have seen.

How it all will end depends upon each of your thoughts and actions.

Justice has to be brought back and those who are ruling and destroying the humanity and Mother Earth have to stand accountable.

The history repeats itself only now it is being done much quicker.

If you don’t turn this around you might encounter a catastrophe bigger than you can handle.

So far we have not heard the word PEACE being spoken among the leaders. It seems there is a desire to change humanity into a different belief, and bring Planet Earth to its trial without even realisizing the consequences of it.

We encourage all you Light Bearers who can see the truth underneath this darkness to stay strong with your torch in your hand to show the light in the tunnel till this has swept through the Earth and lifted it out of its darkness.

We Ascended Masters are hearing your calls and we stand by you.

Weather it out—help each other and you will experience a World you are longing for namely The New Golden Age.



My note: Portia is the Goddess of Justice and a member of the Karmic Board.