No moment to spare focus and do all you feel will fill you with joy. Lift your whole surrounding into joy. It is needed.

Your freedom is out the door.

Fight for it and go up against a system that no longer function in the United States.

All what our forefather fought for has been overruled by a demonic group of people, who has taken control over our government.

Don’t let the dictatorship win over you.

You are living in a free country with a free spirit, follow that free spirit within you and put blinds on the News or to what Social Media is trying to tell you.

Separate the lies from the truth.

Close your windows, listen to your inner voice and let the rest go.

Embrace your surroundings with beauty, love and harmony and expand your group of likeminded.

Build a wall to protect your own beauty and beliefs and many others will round up around you, because they need your message of joy and truth.

Make them aware of what is going on and the system they are trying to impose upon you. A system that goes up against our constitution – hold them accountable and help each other.

Your jobs might be at risk, your livelihood removed from you, so you have to help each other to get through this.

Mother Earth need for you to be kind to her.

We don’t know where all of this will end  – the clock is ticking faster than ever.

Plant a tree plant a flower and lift yourself through the treetop to a higher frequency a higher vibration.

Remember the tree stand grounded in Mother Earth and only the tree top swave in the wind.

We Ascended Masters are all here to help and support you call upon us our goal is the same one as you have in your hearts

                                    I AM SAINT GERMAIN