The world needs a foundation based upon virtues and values in order to be able to grow to a higher realm.

Today many of you have forgotten how to bring up the children with those values and if ignored we will never be capable of turning Mother Earth into the balance and beauty it should be in.

People have lost connections to the most basic principles that is needed to create harmony respect and inner joy.

Most of you live an empty life covered with entertainment and rarely looking inward on yourselves.

The silence is very important for your soul and through meditation or chanting you will rise to a more clear picture as to why you are here on Planet Earth.

It is important to find your inner joy and happiness and to enjoy your daily life.

Always look for the light and gather with the people who shine their light, so you all can help each other and push back the dark energies.

You can transmute dark energies into light and that is what the world is in need of. But be careful that it is not the dark energies that takes over your light.

Stand strong and aware.

    I AM  Padma Sambhava 

Who is here to help you.

Note: Padma Sambhava was the founder of Tibetan Buddhism.