The year is soon ending. A year where none of our missions have been fulfilled.

The world locked down.

Each of you have tried to find the next step.

How is it going to be? Will we still honor our forefathers? Will we even come back to normal?

In Honor of our Forefathers

by Saint Germain

No!  what you call normal has passed.

A New Era a New way of thinking is standing in the doorway, but it demands of you all that each of you take it to the next step. It takes a rethinking a New Consciousness in which we can connect and unite. It takes work to cleanse out all the bad old habits and merge with the New World. A world built upon wisdom, compassion, understanding of each different views but all under God’s Will.

No more of this hatred towards each other – accept there are different views to every little daily detail. 

Two leaves on a tree are not the same and yet they help and work together.

Since the truth is so hard to get to with all the lies you have been filled with. 

Then please try to listen to your inner voice, your heart and see if you can find the truth that way.

The Golden Age we all have waited for so long has not been able to penetrate all the manipulations that has been put upon you via all the Mass Media.

You live in a world today dictated by the Mass Media – and how to find the truth through that? 

Step away isolate yourself from all the details in the News or in colored Social Media. Chose wisely what you fill your mind with. Protect your fragile brain and try to find your common sense to direct you to the real reality.

Set questions to it all and let your own mind find the reality in this world of confusions.

Remove the dark glasses and see the light. It is there.

Even the freedom is there, but it needs you to hold on to your own guts and beliefs.

We Ascended Masters are all ready to go forward, but you have to clean up the mess you have created on Planet Earth.

The forefathers created a supreme system for all the best ever created on Earth why tear it down?

I AM Saint Germain 
And wish the best for you all.