This Armageddon seems needed, because the Human Race has not lifted themselves into a higher-level consciousness that is needed for living a peaceful time on Planet Earth.

Changing borders, wars, migration of huge amount of people hoping to find a better life create chaos and uncertainty. Leaving their own countries and wander to the next is not the solution.

We are all born with a path on Planet Earth, we are all born in a specific country and there is a reason for that.

If you happened to be born in a country with bad leadership then stand strong up against it, by you light bearers reaching out to each other and show the way instead of falling for the greed and hatred and become part of it.

You are receiving your light though your hearts – you are guided and helped by us Ascended Masters – take our hands that are giving you extra strength.

Find your like-minded and show the way to others be compassionate share with each other.

You are going into food shortages share with each other – help each other.

Grow each your food whether on balconies small gardens wherever you can

Don’t accept the system and what they are doing to you – create your own world within the chaos and let the light penetrate through your chakras to diminish the darkness that you are surrounded with.

Find each your solution as how to stay in compassion and safe. Be a part of taking down the dark forces. 

You all have to go through initiations before you can ascend make your ascension possible, so you don’t get stuck in the darkness.


I AM Serapis Bey