A lot of people are getting sick right now in lack of preventing it with a life style that demands an awareness of how to take care of the immune system.

Sickness is often based upon malnutrition or a stressful lifestyle.

The new flu variant is very contaminating being transmitted through the air, so I can only advice you all to avoid big crowds and drink a lot of fluids.

It doesn’t help to go into panic or worries. It makes it worse.

Take your lives in your hands and treat yourselves with essential supplements that can boots your immune system.

Look out for bad energies in your surroundings so nothing jump on you and take over your health.

It is a time, when you have to work on yourselves to take control over yourselves and your cravings and get into your inner you, through yoga, meditation and mantras,  all that can be done under your own leadership.

Buddha Gautama came to the conclusion that one of the miseries people feel is due to cravings for something out there instead of going inward and figure out what are you craving for and why? Is it so important that you even put yourself at risk for the virus or the flu?

There will be some tough years in front of us till this virus starts dying down, so start to live a healthy life, examine what you are filling your mind and body with and take care of yourselves. 

If you listen to yourself your body will tell you what to do. 

Your mind can heal you if you concentrate on positive strong thoughts, it is  when you feel vulnerable that you get easier sick.

So meditate on positive healthy thoughts and it will help you.

Medicine Buddha is the first doctor.

A note : David Miche quoted: “It is no coincidence that the words “medication” and “meditation” are only one letter different. They both came from the same Latin root word Medeor meaning “To heal or to make whole.”