When you are through the bad times you are facing right now and rebuilding a balance on Mother Earth, so she can heal. It will be a different time with a higher consciousness for you all.

Time where all the ancient good values will be rebuild. A world where you all are needed to create each your individual talent and support each other in creation of a New Society also called the New Golden Age.

It is around the corner so look out for it.

Regain the old virtues you once have lived as your forefathers with rules and respect for everybody and everything in what Mother Earth is providing for you.

Gratitude is the word.

Too many are taking everything for granted and abuse whatever they see fit for their own comfort.

Technology is going too far in a direction that will hurt humanity by taking  control over the people.

We need your help to stop it in time, so it doesn’t take over the Planet and wipe out its balance.

Right now the Planet is very fragile and Mother Earth is tired.

So please do all you can to help her.

Stop deplete her from her resources administrate them in a balance with her – take only the minimum you need and spare the rest for the generation to come.

Give her space and peace to heal and recover from the abuse she has gone through or she will fire back at you all.

Look out for each your behavior act wisely if you want to keep your life in freedom and light.


Wishing you a higher consciousness with adaption to the Cosmic rules.