Hello to all of you, who follows our website with Universal Light—a light needed to get over Planet Earth to start clean it up and make it possible for Mother Earth to recover all her wounds that you the Human Race has put upon her for many years.

Enough is enough it is time to be presented with the price for all the damage you have done to her.

It won’t be pretty but necessary for you to understand there always is a kind of boomerang for what you do.

So please let your personal boomerang be a good one that will help not only yourselves but also your surroundings.

Light will be descended over Planet Earth it will be God’s Light that never fails to help you who are standing strong with your faith that this situation we are finding Earth in right now will be adjusted and swing Planet Earth back into its balance.

But it demands you all. Help her and stand strong—calm and with an inner balance that no outer force can disrupt.

Smile and Mother Earth will smile back at you with gratitude for every little step you take to serve and help her.

                                        With love to you all