A smile is the shortest distance between two people – Victor Borge

A lot is happening around you.

In the big picture not so good, but in your daily world there are still opportunities to enjoy the day and to think positively. 

Keep the faith on the positive to strengthen you.

The negative you are met with through the interference of the News you can’t do much about so let it go. Because when you focus on the positive you help Planet Earth to move towards a better direction than it appears to be in right now.

Don’t let all those predictions of a gloomy future take you down. Lift your soul towards the stars, compete with their radiance by spreading your light in a positive direction.

Everything is possible make the best of your day.

Go to bed with a clear head to balance your inner you into a harmony. Don’t listen to the News or the negative information before bedtime, let your brain relax into beautiful moments while asleep and you will start the day in a much better light.

Remember you have a choice whatever you decide for yourself, whether it is to bring forward the positive side faced in front of you or to go down with the outer pressure.

Smile to the world and you will get a smile in return.

What you are standing in right now is overwhelming, so enter the silence and make the choice you want to see happen in the future and plan it.

Make it your choice irrelevant of what the News are telling you.

Communicate your positive choice with your surroundings inspire others to change into a better direction than the one you encounter through all the negative inputs you daily are confronted with.

Put on some beautiful music that will lift your spirit and make that smile that the world needs.



        Wishing you all a wonderful day