Future is to be taken in each your own hands, but first live the moment to the fullest. If the moment feels right with you as you see your path on Planet Earth it will take you into the future with an expansion of the moment.

Be aware of the moment – analyze it – is it what you truly believe in? Is it your heart that is guiding you? Then hold on to it. Live it.

Ask yourself how can I expand it to something fruitful?

What is my talent? 

With which I can serve God and my surroundings.

We are all born equal, but we have each our path to walk with different purposes, so how much are you willing to give of yourselves?

How far will you walk?

That determines how far you will come on the ladder to succeed on your path.

You all know you are on a transition on Planet Earth. If you behave with intelligence, understanding of the truth and common sense, we can all turn this into a mutual success, but if you live in denial guided by dark forces and perversion – Mother Earth will suffer even more due to your ignorance.

You live very short seeing, as if you only care for the day of today forgetting there are generations to come.

If you continue the road you are on right now the next generations won’t have a chance to survive on Earth.

That selfishness must stop if you are going to have a chance to survive in the future.

Please think on every step you take—can it help Mother Earth or is it just abusing her with another bad step in your desire to get it all?



Seek the truth – the truth will guide you.