It is difficult to keep the hope for the world with all those daily threats of worldly destruction being presented whenever you open your computer or TV. 

The insecurity of tomorrow plays a big role upon your personal energies.

Being ONE you are all influenced in one or another way.

Again, we can only guide you to stay as much as possible away from all the horrible news—news that are seldom showing the truth but subconsciously enters the brain.

The big issue that is playing a role right now is too big for you individually to get it under control. The superior powers don’t seem to hear you.

It was once based upon “for The People by The People” but that is long gone.

So what to do about it?

Find your like-minded light bearers who want to serve, help and make the surroundings a better place.

Create your small communities where everybody will step up and help each other.

Start a new beginning of a society as how you want to see it. Get together explore it and exchange ideas.

So when the world is ready to create a New World then you are ready with a blueprint you would like to see as a model with the New Consciousness.

Stand strong within yourselves believe in yourselves and communicate your thoughts and ideas with others who are aiming for the same goal to turn this world around to a place, where all can live in harmony with each other, and with respect for each other.

Call upon God your higher self through your heart to be guided and helped when in doubt.

Call upon us Ascended Masters so we can help you get to the New World.

I AM Kuthumi