Dear Friend,

As Birgitte’s friend and producer I also have an incurable habit of composing music . A few days ago I listened to one of the recordings we made together  – and then felt a notion to play an insrtument as Birgiite spoke.  It is music that listens to the spoken words instead of competing for attention. Birgitte and I had spoken about this idea but had not tried it yet except in a few posted here as Decree.

I don’t know what she would say if she heard this example. Would she like it?

Birgitte was a vanguard traditionalist to me so maybe she would.

What do you think?

Turn it up & leave me a comment.

I’d like to know, because if you are reading this, you are probably a friend of Birgitte’s.



There is no respect left for anything among the people on Earth.

Everything has become big egos who think they deserve it all. It better be served on a silver plate with as little effort as possible.

If it is not to be found where you were born, you just walk over the borders hoping it will be found in another country.

Those who have of abundance don’t share with others.

Humanity has lost its values.  It has lost the meaning of being humans.

Running from consequences of what the reasons are for being down on Earth—creates waves of false desires.

Stop and start take control of yourselves, the chaos you encounter is not the outer world that creates it, but yourselves with your wrong thoughts and cravings for something you imagine should walk in your door. Instead, you are met with misery.

Your demands for a quick fix leave you with an emptiness.

It takes inner work to get control over your desires and thoughts.

You have to work your way between your mind and heart to find the real values and to find the answer to the road you came down to walk.

Only then will you find the balance and joy in your life.

Only then will humanity find a harmony and a balance on Planet Earth.

It needs you all to go through that transformation—call upon the Violet Fire to help you get through so we can start healing a wounded Mother Earth.

Step forward into this new World and lets all help each other to bring it back into a world worth living in.