Right now Planet Earth is in a chaotic situation where it seems it is difficult for humanity to even see in the same direction – nor is there any Unity in their judgements of the situation.

So as long as that is the case it is for you to ask your inner you where do you want to choose the path through this overwhelming situation?

To survive and to get through this you must take a consultation with your own heart and disregard what the outer world is telling you.

You are going to be the leaders of the New World, how do you want it to enfold 

There is a lot to be done in small as big details and issues.

Start plan now so you can be ahead when it all shift and Planet Earth rises towards the 4th dimension.

Work on it so you are ready and can say yes I did my home work with the inner me.

I saw the common sense that so many have lost. 

I can breathe and I am ready to walk the path I came down to do.

A path that will serve not only God but everybody who wants to live in harmony and take care of Mother Earth so she can continue helping the next generations to survive.

Remember your children are walking behind you guide them with the essential steps for them to respect Mother Earth and to love her. 

Lift them out of any dark shadows they might be encountered with in the chaos you have created on Planet Earth. 

                                             I AM KUAN YIN